Extreme PBR Add-on - Issue

Hello -

I’m wondering if anybody else has ran into this issue with the Extreme PBR add-on.

I posted this same issue a few weeks ago, hoping to get an answer. But I happened to figure out what was going on, which brought up another question.

The original problem - Any material applied to an object rendered the object transparent in the viewport (in Cycles). I tried to reinstall the add-on. But that didn’t help.

New problem - I opened the shader editor. Low and behold, I see the Alpha socket connected. That shouldn’t be the case. It should be connected to the Normal socket.

Why would the Extreme PBR add-on default to this random setting? And how do I fix it?

This looks like its going into the wrong socket.
If you plug that Normal node into the normal socket, all should be gravy.

If I remember correctly Principled shader only recently got an Alpha socket.

So my guess is, the code in the plugin is out by one. So contact the Add on developer or dive into the code!

Hope that helps.

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Hi AlphaChannel,

Thank ya! Yeah, I contacted the developer via Blendermarket in the review comments. So hopefully he’ll address it there. Otherwise, I’m out of luck. Their social links are dead. :frowning: Ugh.

Take care!

You could dive into the python code?

Its a paid addon, so that s the end of my help!