"Extreme PBR addon" is basically stealing other peoples work


do you know that the 800 materials featured on the extreme pbr addon are ALL taken from cc0 texture sites ? all we have to do is download the mateiral we like in a cc0 site like http://textures.one/ and do the material pbr set up on our own, it only takes 10 seconds to set up and it generate add money to the creator…c’mon don’t buy this addon.

I really think that making 20 000$ with products that ain’t yours is a real shame, i can’t stant seeing this addon doing well, all i see is a work of someone else being stolen all he propose are the very same material just already set up in blender. it really trigger me. Even after being a diamond donor and giving some bucks to the sites, it’s nothing compare to all the money he earned.

please consider getting your textures from thoses sites instead of buying this addon.

I understand that you cannot technically steal a CC0 texture, but ethically, it is stealing is it? .
I’d like to hear opinions about that.

If the license is “free to use for commercial intent” I guess is legit. The addon developer claimed those textures were made by him? Also, I dont think that this addon drained much traffic from those cc0 sites, since it’s pretty costly for his main scope (setting the nodes for an userfriendly usage of textures), not only that but cc0 sites add new textures anytime that will gain attention from new and old users. Also, you dont suggest that the addon developer asked the permission or not to the admin of those sites before bundling these textures. He could have done it, or not, we don’t really know and for that same reason it would be better to avoid any accusation. The title of this thread is good to gain attention, yet it’s pretty bad for many other aspects that shouldn’t even need to be highlighted.

Most of the time, that excludes resale. it means production work.

I would like to hear the seller’s response first to make my mind about it. Maybe he really built of this.

From the product page of Extreme PBR addon:

"Special thanks to cc0textures.com ,https://texturehaven.com/ ,https://hdrihaven.com/ , https://cgbookcase.com/

Sounds like they asked permission to those sites and share some revenue with them.


In other words, always make sure you do basic research before accusing someone of being a thief…


Wow, somehow I hadn’t heard of this addon. Looks sweet. Thanks!

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The value of the addon its not only in the materials it packs, it is how the materials are build to work with the addon and offer the user the possibility of editing the material parameters from the side menu without going to the node editor.

You can add as many materials you like to the system with the shader builder it has, also without the node editor, and offers you a quick access to any texture site you wish to add.

So I think that what you are buying is principally all that functionality and the 800 prebuild materials with cc0 textures are a nice addition.


I just bought it. I wanted to spare me a lot of time downloading, setting up materials, and configuring all of that. It is a “spare my time” package.

Regarding licensing, cc0 items behaves exactly like public domain. You can do anything with them, no string attached.

One thing: if someone states that “here’s a cc0 thing, but you cannot resale / pack / and so on”, that is not a cc0 license.

It’s a specific, custom license based on its own term.

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Was going to reply with this, it is basically a way of speeding up workflow when getting textures from those websites. The creator donates back the money he makes as well.

Websites that are featured are getting their money back through the donations as well as advertisement.

A bit drastic to call the creator a thief (in response to op).

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wow realy, you are very harsh here, and I don’t like the title at all. He is not selling the pbr’s, he is selling tha addon, thats help you keep you materials in a system. The materials is just a bonus. I am pretty sure he has talked to the owners of those sites, he also donating money to them. Many users don’t donate anything, the just download.

Congrats to those who seize the day.
It’s there for all to enjoy or complain and regret… :upside_down_face:

fantastic… Golden Time saver!! Seriously, take a smoke break