Extreme unicycling video!

Hi all!

I don’t post a whole lot on these forums, and I’m still a huge Blender noob…but since I still use it, I consider myself part of this great community!

That said, I’d like to show you all an extreme unicycling video, starring me and two very close friends. It’s our third one, entitled Unipwned 2: One Year Later (our first video was just called Unipwned).


It’s divided into 3 sections, we each got our own song. My section is the second one, Matt Shubert. Alex and Sam are two of my friends. I’ve been riding since November 2005, Alex since February 2006, and Sam since mid-summer 2006.

Hope you enjoy!

great vid and a GREAT improvement.
Can’t wait for next year. LOL

A drastic improvement? Lol, when have you seen any of our other videos?

i watched that for about a minute and just couldn’t do it anymore… I could feel my balls shrieking in agony. I hope you wear cups when you do that stuff cause the potential for losing your ability to produce offspring seems pretty high o_0

It started out pretty funny tho :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need to see your other videos, to see the improvement.

Nah we don’t use cups…just padded bike shorts. Cups would get in the way when we try to do stuff and would really just make it hurt a lot more.

You need to watch the rest!!

That was pretty cool, a new extreme sports. At least the seat doesn’t hurt probably very much if you ram your groin into it.

@Falgor: Nah, the bike shorts usually keep the boys out of the way on nasty falls. There are occasions where they slip, though…and that can hurt. O.O

pretty cool my friend saw something like this except it was down a mountain! i think the guy wiped out too:spin: :eek:

Yeah, that’s call Muni. I’ve ridden muni before, it’s pretty fun, but I prefer street.