Extremely bad quality sculpting

I am completely new to blender and using blender 2.82.7. When adding a sphere and going into sculpting mode I have an extremly low resolution. It all looks low poly. I would like it to look lite the little preview. I cant figure out what to do.
Any tips? Thanks!

You probably want to start by turning an smooth shading. Normally you’d do this in Object Mode by right clicking and selecting Shade smooth, but when using Dynotopo you need to set it in Brush Settings → Dynotopo. This won’t give you more polygons like subdivision or multiresolution, but will instantly make it look more like a sphere, and less like a faceted ball. You’ll definitely want to set this to get the result you’re looking for. See image below for a comparison.

The sphere you are using is almost certainly lower resolution than the one used in the preview, and dynotopo increases resolution relatively slowly by default. Lowering the “Detail Size” in the dynotopo settings will add more detail more quickly, though you might be better off increasing the resolution of the sphere itself first. You can a create higher resolution by changing the settings when you add a sphere, or subdivide the current one with ctrl+2 or ctrl+3 or whatever number of subdivisions you prefer. Then go into Modifier Properties (icon shaped like a wrench) and apply the subdivision modifier.

There are a lot of tutorials on sculpting with dynotopo or the multiresolution modifier on youtube that could be helpful in establishing a workflow that works for you.

Thanks a lot.
Got it now. I forgot the dynotopo detail. Set it to 0.5 and now its nice.

The poles on a sphere might give you some problems in sculpting, it’s better to subdivide a cube a few times and then use the to sphere command with a factor of 1. You will have more evenly spaces geometry.