extremely inaccurate vertex selection

I just installed Blender 2.42 on a new computer, and I’m experiencing a new and annoying problem. When I am in vertex selection mode and try to select a vertex with RMB, Blender will often select a vertex that is not anywhere near the vertex I’m trying to select. Same thing for using Alt+Shift+RMB to select edge loops. Is there a way to change the accuracy of the selections?

this happens to me too don’t know why but appending to a new file “sometimes” solves the issue I’ve also found that rolling back the zoom can help but atimes you have to roll it so far that it difficult to select the right vertex

Could it be because the vert is close to the vertex you want to select ONLY in that specific perspective you’re working in? This happens when you disable “Limit Selection to Visible”…otherwise, if you enable the feature, then it can happen that vertices, which seem to be visible, can’t be selected and therefore Blender might search for other vertices “near” to the one you’re trying to select.
I’d think that this is not a problem with Blender but merely a problem of a) perspective, b) the aforementioned feature or c) a problem with your mouse or new computer. I personally didn’t have such problems yet, at least none which I can’t explain with a) or b). Additionally I don’t know of any method to manipulate that accuracy within Blender.
I hope I explained my point properly enough :slight_smile:

Myke, I disabled the “limit selection to visible” function, and it works fine now. I wonder why, though? It never was like this before. The popup dialog that appears when you mouse over the “limit selection to visible” button says “clipped with depth buffer”. Do you know of any way to change the “depth buffer”? Come to think of it, what the hell is a “depth buffer” anyway?

Thanks for the advice.

I’ve heard of this happening if FSAA is enabled for the video card.

GreyBeard, that was it! I changed my video card anti-aliasing settings and no more problem.