Extremely long exporting times

A rigged .dae with about 50k vertices takes a whopping 10-15 minutes to export in Blender… what in the world? Why is the exporting time so long, and how to reduce it?

Blender v2.74, Win8.1.

Tested simple model with 100K vertices and exported in well < 1 sec. Therefore I assume you don’t just have a simple model.
Supply example file.
Why are you using an old blender version ?

when you export, make sure you have “selected only” marked. otherwise it will export the whole scene. also if you have any heavy modifiers on, make sure it does not apply those before exporting. unless you want that off course.

i also tested with a 120k mesh and it exported in about 1 second.

dIt just recently started happening, no idea why, so blender version doesn’t have much to do with it. I don’t use Blender often so I don’t really feel the need to check for updates every time I launch it. Used to export 50k vertices in <5 sec. The only modifier I used and applied was mirror (25k each object, for 50k total). Also “selected only” is selected.

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