Extrtude vertex usage?

I am looking for a way to do this kind of vertex extrusion but when I select a vertex and press “E” it will give me a single vertex connected with an edge.
The question is is there any way to extrude a vertex like this picture(mostly for resurfacing usage)? or maybe it is calling with other name in blender. (I am a 3ds max user)

and what is the usage of default vertex extrusion in blender. I mean how this helps you to model your stuffs? I’m not much familiar with this feature.

thank you.

Blender workflow is different, some feel that it is the fastest in the end. Afaik there is no tool to extrude the way you want, the fastest way would be to right click on the left vertice and ctrl click where you want the point to be then just shift select the other three points and hit F.

I use vertex extrude quite a lot, laying out edge flows. Say you want to model an eye, I would select a vert, Shift D and place it near the eye socket, then either ctrl click or extrude vertex loop around eye, then alt click vert loop to select and E to extrude inward.

  • 1 on the vertex by vertex modelling method

thank you for helpfull information.

sorry but I did not understand what did you mean… :-?