extrude 1 plane to join to another

Hi, I am fairly new to blender and I am trying to design a building. I am trying to bring 2 I beams up from the walls and meet in the middle to form a roof peak. I have attached the file below so you can see what I mean. But where the 2 I beams meet, there is a gap and I need them to appear to be connected. Thank you.


foundation.blend (822 KB)

I don’t believe that there is an actual easy way to do this. If you don’t want to get confused I’d suggest you try to eyeball it.
You can use a copy of one of your beams as a guide to help get it right.

If you want to do it in a somewhat proper way you can take a look into one of the following:

  • using custom transform orientations
  • cutting a small part off the beam using boolean
  • try to be creative using the mirror modifier

I wish I could elaborate on those options, but I think you’re better off viewing a simple tutorial on those subjects, they might give you the right idea on how to use those to solve your problem. I think boolean is your best bet.

There are many strategy in building I beam frame geometry. I think simplest and quickest way to do it is to have set roof angle. I mad here a 30 degrees roof slope structure. Beam was extruded from I beam shaped plane. Rotate the beam object 30 degrees. Cut the ends, Boolean Modifier, with upright cube to get a clean vertical cut face. Once you have the basic shape you just group it and use it all over the place. The roof stringer was made that way; single stringer was made and rotated 30 degrees. And copied all over.