Extrude a circle into a snake ?

is there a way to extrude acircle on its side into the form of a snake or slinky, making it curve different ways and not go all angular and have to be turned in sections to achieve directional changes? im sure there is and im just not seeing it. can anyone tell me how ? thanks

Add a circle , go to Edit Mode

Now put the view on top of that circle, be sure it’s selected

On your keybaord, leave the CTRL key pressed and click there

it will automatically extrude what you have selected.

Continue to CTRL+click and you’ll obtain

Experiment around this, it’s some nice quick way to get that snake shape in no time.

When you’re finished, be sure to select all and press CTRL+N (or Mesh -> Normals -> Recalculate Outside) to fix some possible inverted normals.

Thats even easier than i thought it would be ! i didnt have to use the extrude command once. thats fast , thanks for the tip Sanctuary. i will be trying that on all the mesh to see what happens.

Create a bezier curve in shape of snake the add a curve circle and select bezier curve and use the curve circle as a bevel object then convert to mesh.

Thanks Piro , I will give it a try, as the old saying goes, (theres more than 1 way to skin a cat) . Not that i skin cats anymore. but its shurely good to know & learn the multifaceted nature of this program.

The curve and the curve circle is the easiest at creation and the easiest to reposition should you need. You can play with the resolution settings if you need to smooth it out a bit more. Here’s an image of what Pyro was explaining.


The bevel object is the curve circle mentioned above.

ajm , i cant access the attachment,{invalid attachment} thats what it says anyway, thanks for your time. i will definatly spend some time studying the curve & bevel object , bs

Hmmm weird, I keep on trying it here and it works okay…

Looked like this…

If you’re doing a snake as apposed to say a pipe/tube, don’t forget to play with the ‘Taper Object’. Just add an additional path, set that as the Taper Object and then tweak the points along that path to create your snake’s body shape.

thanks all, i am thankfull for all of your help. now to get practicing.