Extrude a face of a mesh along a path

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I’m not sure this is the right forum … I would like to know what could be the best way to extrude a face of a mesh along a path in Blender (or simulate that) … I mean, I know you can extrude a bezier (or NURBS) curve along a path (or another curve) … what I would like is to edit a mesh, select a face and extrude the selected face along a path (that could be a bezier curve, or maybe a polyline) … any suggestion on how I can fake this feature in Blender? Maybe cutting the selected face (with P key) and than doing something? Maybe a python script?

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You mean like this?

Search the documentation a LITTLE at least before you ask a question :slight_smile:

You can only do it with nurbs objects for now, but the lofted curve can be converted to a mesh when you’re done.

He already knows about this technique (as evidenced in his post), how about reading a LITTLE at least before you make a response :slight_smile:


I too have had need of this before when I didn’t have a clear modeling plan at the beginning. But all is not lost because you can make the NURB circle with angled segments (select a control point and press VKEY). This way you can create the NURB so it matches the face, extrude it, convert the results to a mesh, and finally join the two meshes together. Not the speediest of solutions but it works. One day I’m going to have to sit down and make a true effort to learn Python and have a go at writing a lofting script which will do the same thing using only mesh objects. If you keep the “path” mesh simple (i.e. a series of verts and edges that form a string/path/whatever then it should be relatively simple to do). Ah well, one day.

Oh, and an alternative to the above is to use dupliverts to duplicate the seperated face along the verts of another mesh. This way however will require you to manually fill the required faces.

Ok …

try to explain a little bit better … I know (it was in the first email) that you can extrude curves around other curves … I was wondering if it is possible (maybe with a python script) to extrude a polygon face of a mesh along a path … so, imagine you are modelling a mesh for a spider … you model the main body … than enter in edit mode (tab), select one face of the mesh, and extrude it along a path to model the leg … at the moment you need to do the extusion by hand (I mean, you select the face, and extrude it for few times, let say 5, to have a 5-segmented leg … than obviously you have to scale the 5 extrusion in the proper way) … I was wondering what about an automatic extrusion of a face along a path …

Anyway, thanks a lot for the replies and apologize if I cannot express well my question … :))

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And I apologize for misunderstanding[!] :stuck_out_tongue: I think I missed ONE word in your post that made me post the documentation you were aware of already :slight_smile: Thank you for pointing it out to me FourMadMen! My bad! :expressionless: The new version of blender has curve deform for mesh objects which means you could model the leg straight and then use a path as a guide for the mesh to bend along. Take a look here and if it sounds appealing you can test the feature with this build of Blender that I did yesterday :slight_smile: Again sorry about the mishap! I hope this post is more helpful!


I’ve found an example of what I have in mind


this is a feature of XSI and from what I understood also of Maya …

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something coming back from the fog of the past … there is a non zero possibility that I’ve already post an email like that some months ago on Elysium … and I forgot … I’m getting old … please apologize


thanks Desoto … I’ve been away from CVS build … I was unaware of this new feature … just got your copy and I’ll play this evening … thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Riccardo :slight_smile:

I just recently stumbled on a script horn.py and it’s gui script gui_horn.py. Although these scripts don’t allow you to extrude a face along a path, they would work quite well in your spider example. They allow you to extrude a face in segments that decrease in size as you grab and move an empty that is automatically associated with the selected face. The result can be a spider leg … a tree trunk … a … horn. You can elect to start with a large segment and go smaller … or a small segment and get larger. You can also elect to create a horn with an accordian type style. Great fun and I’ve found it quite useful and stable.

Just an idea you might look into. Here is the link for the script:


Hi Orporick. There is a script that will do exactly what you are showing in the Polymesh Overview called Connect.py by Elby. Well nearly so, there will be some manual selection but the script works brilliantly. Elby’s post is here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28326&highlight=connect+py
Connect is the first script listed, and there is also a Ctools.zip further down which was still in developement or something. The script by Cambo was having problems.

FWIW, there is talk at projects.blender.org about a Bridge tool similar to what Wings 3D has. The patch is available for anyone who is building there own. With a little luck the Bridge tool will be included in 2.35 but that is purely conjecture right now. https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=309320#309320


This link appears to be dead.


all of you: a big big thanks for all the replies and links … I’m tring out the scripts you’ve suggested … I love Blender and I love this community, way ahead of any commercial support service I’ve been experimenting in the past … thanks again and see you soon


hmm, allright. Well looking at the license it says Blender Artistic so should be ok to post these.
On a sorry network connection but bandwidth I’m not using. Keep trying.

To use Connect try making a poly line for the path, grab the shape you want to draw and duplicate and duplivert. Then connect each section with Connect. If you put it in the scripts directory of your installation it’ll show up in the menu. I used this to make one of those s-shape looking bicycle racks just the other day. I’m not so sure about ctools.

Glad to help Orporick. Looking forward to seeing your artwork.