Extrude a polygon along a curve

Hi all

I really hope this is not another faq … I would like to know if Blender support (natively or via some python script) extruding of polygons along curves … I know (by reading the manual) that is possible to extrude curves along curves, but I would like to do that on a polygon face of a model … something like this


Any hints?

Thanks a lot for the help
Riccardo :slight_smile:

make the poly out of beziers, select all the control points and press V - then you have a curve you can use with bevob


I’m not sure you need to use curves at all. I know the tutorial says you should but I think you could get pretty close just by normal poly extrusion. The subds will smooth it right out anyway.

If you really want the hassle of using curves, I would say to make a path curve and a profile made of beziers. Then just enter the name of the profile under the bevob field for the curve. I think that’s what phlip was saying.

Then you can convert the wing to a mesh if you wanted. This gives the same results as dupliverting (what Marty was saying) but you don’t have to loft manually. Both of these methods give you way more polys than you need though, which is why I recommend modelling it without curves.

Of course, it would be fine if someone invented an easy way to remove edge loops. It’s only like the 5th time I’ve seen a use for it. Maybe I’ll write one myself.

I think you can minimize the polys around the border if you click the polygon button in the curve interface. You still get a lot of polys from converting to a mesh but you don’t have those high poly sides to deal with. So lofting, through curves yes, without curves no.


Ah, I think you’re right. You decrease the resolution U in the make knots section first then click poly. It’s a good idea to decrease the resolution of the profile too but do this before converting to poly. Yes then you don’t get so many polys in the output.

Yeah, if you need the complexity, using paths might be the best way to go. I just looked at that particular model and figured I could maybe do it quicker without any curves :). Also, I don’t think the extrude method is just for basic modelling - most people use it for all their models. I have never seen a model built using curves the way it’s done in that tutorial before.

As you quite rightly say though, if you do something like a star shape along a spiral then paths are easiest but for characters like humans or animals, I recommend extrusions. Here is a good set of tutorials for modelling:


is that link enven for blender? does not look like it to me…

I would use a surface cicle and make it the shape face and create the path.

Then I would use Dupliframes to make copies of the surface at various points along the path. You can adjust this pretty well so that you can get a smaller number of “edge loops” at the end so it’s pretty good for control.

Then you make the Dupliframes permanent, skin them and convert them to a mesh.

You can use the script for lofting to attach the final shape to your base mesh.

I believe this method would be the best to use that I can think of.

What would be nice would be to use the Split function to make a copy of the face you wish to extrude and then have a function to convert the simple face to a surface circle. But alas no. :slight_smile:


Hi folks,
first of all thanks a lot to all of you for the fast replies and the suggestions … yes, I can live without extrusion of polygons along a curve and use some (or all) of the tricks you’ve suggested … and the new connect script is really useful, remind me of Wings3D bridge feature (sort of) … unfortunately I am not a Python expert, but anyway I think it should be quite easy to write a script that implement the extrusion of polygon along a curve, with maybe the capability to set the number of steps and things like that … well, maybe one day I’ll start to study Python :slight_smile:

Thanks a again to all of you … and hey, 2.34 is just arrived :))

2 scripts already exist. “Extrude along Normal” by Tuinbels and “Tesselate” by jms.