Extrude all edges out

I have a cone that I want to make fins out of. If I extrude an edge out I get the desired effect.

In order to do this I need to repeat this process a whole bunch of times.

Is there any way instead to just select all side edges and extrude individuality and have them all move outward, This is how it works when you extrude individuality on faces, is there any way to get this effect on edges too?

It should be the same deal. You might also be able to use the Array modifier if that fails.

If I’m not mistaken, there is also the Spin tool (That’s what it’s called, right?). An array modifier might be better in this case.

If your ‘ship’ is vertical, select a vertex at the bottom tip of each ‘fin’ edge. Hit G to move, Shift-Z to restrict to the horizontal axes and they should all simply expand outward (or inward). I guess you could create more vertexes by loops and use proportional editing to get ‘curvy’ fins.

Unfortunately none of these techniques work. I tried all of them with no success. The array modifier just clones them, the spin applies to the whole object and rotates whatever it’s holding and Artales’ solution extrudes the faces also but I just want to get the edges to extrude.

I suppose this depends because it hard to know extactly what you are trying to do but if you extrude you can scale them all out. Also you could try and press ALT S to bring them out, this will scale according to their normals. So basically press E - RETURN -(HOLD) ALT & S - then move your mouse. Click to confirm.

Perfect! that worked wonderfully. Thanks