Extrude along a path

Im modeling a watch, and I use a path to extrude the watch belt, but i dont know how to make the belt holes.

No offense, but… was there a question in there?

Do you have to use path modelling for the belt? Maybe you can use another modelling technique which will allow you to add the holes more easily.

A method to create a hole could be the following:

  1. add a plane, press W->subdivide two or three times.
  2. you now have a plane with many faces. Select one in the middle and delete it (only the face).
  3. press F9, in the Mesh panel turn on Subsurf.
  4. you now have a plane with a hole. Select all vertices an press E->region to extrude the plane.

IMHO you shouldn’t use path extruding for the belt. Model the entire belt using meshes but in a straight position i.e. not bent at all. Then use curve deforming.

Thanks to every one. Im going to try, curve deformation.

i suggest using 2 curves, one being the bevob. you can then make that real further on down the line and add holes and such then. or you can cheat and just do it with a texture depending on how your obect will be seen.

here is a blend with my current project which happens to have a belt. I plan on making the curves a real mesh eventually but for now it is what it is… the bevob curve is below the ground plane :slight_smile:

this blend requires 2.40alpha

this may help too:

Thanks for your reply, I already know how to make the belt.
But I’m windering how to make the holes of the belt.
Thanks if you can help me.