extrude along a path...

I am attempting to model a leather strap and would like to know the best method…I am thinking of extruding along a path or extrude a cube and subdivide to shape it…but I am not sure…I have kind of an odd project where I am crating a bdsm wallpaper for some friends of mine and am trying to recreate some of the various toys that are used… Any suggestions would be wonderful

One thing you might try is creating a “3D Cross-section” (just the 2D shape of the strap extruded some), then add an array modifier where count is given by ‘Fit To Curve Length’, type in your curve name, mess with the relative offset to get it correct (perhaps turn on merge as well), then add a curve modifier with the same curve, and perhaps subsurf if you need it.

If you need a different option, check my sig for a script that can stroke a curve with a mesh (it produces ribbon-like results, which could be extruded for thickness).

The first option gives you some better editing options, though, since you can change it a little more dynamically.

can this also be used where the leather goes through metal rings and such to create the curves?

I will definately give this a shot

What kind of belt are you wanting to model?

On that same note, if its going on a character, you may want to try out a newer SVN build with the shrinkwrap modifier (developed as part of GSOC).

it is actually going to be the strap on a ball gag…none of the items will e on a character…it looks something like this only it wont buckle t will go through d-rings…


y’know… I really wish I hadnt asked…lol

how do you use that ?:eek: