Extrude along Normals not working on OSX?

I’m trying to find additional OSX users to test extruding along a normal. For some reason, on my OSX box, I cannot create a simple UVSphere, select a single face, Extrude, ESC, Shrink/Fatten along Normals (Alt-S) without obtaining odd results. However, the same operation on my linux box and window’s box work fine.

Does anyone have any insight as to why its not working on my OSX box? Is there some setting that I have overlooked? I’ve only confirmed this behavior with one other OSX user (solmax), but was hoping to enlist some others to share their results.

Here are my results after extruding:


Testing was done on 2.34.

It’s the same for me under OS X. I couldn’t get the extrude along normals script to work either. The only method I got to work was to extrude each of the vertices individually and then alt-s them by the same amount. Then join them up. Tedious but it works.

For example, choose one face on a UV sphere, select one vertex and do e, esc, alt-s, then say 3. Repeat for the other 3 verts and then fill in the faces. It must be a bug of some kind. Lukep is responsible for the OS X build so you could PM him or send a bug report on Blender.org.

I get weird results using alt-s, but I haven’t tried the script.

what script?

IMHO, it’s not a bug, but a feature request.

I explain, when you do ESC, you have extruded faces with null dimension on the border. These faces have an undefined normal, and this is not wrong. It seems that the Os X build give them random values. Note that extruding more than one face give a more correct result, but still tilted a bit.

What is missing is alt-s handling directly in extrude code. but as the transform Monster is due to revision by Theeth it may be not the moment.

I will ask Theeth, but cannot put apart the transform thingie.

Now to side-track the problem :

e, s 0.999, return, alt-s

perfect result

Adding alt-s check in the transform loop (to switch to it from other mode) is trivial. I did that in tuhopuu at some point, will do it tonight for bf-blender.


what script?[/quote]

The extrude along normals script:


It does actually work, I didn’t know you had to apply it in UV face select mode. It extrudes differently though, the extruded faces stay the same size.

Lukep’s workaround works great, thanks.