Extrude along normasl issue!!!!

Hey people, nice forums here, well Im not quiet new with Blender, I’ve been almost 2 months with it, so im not that noob, well i got a problem it says all in the title so please help, im modeling a gun and I need some extrusions alongside the normals of the faces but for some reason they didnt go straight, they went to a some axis, it always highlights the red one, i dont know why but heeeeelp here!!!:frowning:

  • Extrude along an axis (E > 2 > X or Y or Z)

  • Select something, use a Custom Transform Orientation (Ctrl + Shift + C) and extrude

you can use ‘Inflate’ brush in sculpt mode to extrude faces along thier normals

hope this helps

Thanks for the advices, Im doing somethig like this, extrude, then scale along an axis, its a solution from another thread so thanks nonetheless!!!