Extrude Along Path And Rotate ( Twisted Torus )

Hi! How I can make a gear shaped plane follow a bezier circle and rotate? I tried Extrude Along Curve plug-in & Rotate. I made A filled circle and a bezier circle for a test, but I got this:

When I wanted to do something like this:

And later with the gear shape:

I would like to try if Blender has more power for this. Sketchup using 12 tooth gear & 24 side circle still goes ok, but 40 sides and more tooth goes for ever.


Hi there, is this what you were looking for?

This is the first way that comes to my mind…

  1. create the profile and an empty.
  2. add an array modifier to the profile and set the empty as the Object Offset object. figure out 360 degrees(I did 36 copies, and 10 degree rotation of the empty.
  3. Apply the array modifier, and in edit mode select all, then keyboard W for the specials menu, and E for bridge edge loops. And in the tools panel set it to closed loop, and adjust the twist until it lines up.

This gear has been constructed using wide array(pun intended) of modifiers. This is will allow you to change number of gears as well as edge loop count without a problem. I’ll be in the mood to make a video on how it’s made as well as to upload the .blend file of it if you want me to otherwise I won’t waste my time.

@Ognjen, do the video tutorial.

Even though you’re not the OP, I still went ahead and made it.