Extrude and Reshape

With this new addon, you can push and pull face entities to sculpt 3d models.
Demo V 0.8:

I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Download here:
https://github.com/Mano-Wii/Addon-Extrude-and-Reshape/archive/master.zip (unzip and install the file with extension *.py)

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Hoooo this is exactly what I wanted for poly modeling !

Well done once again ; )

yeeeeeeeeeeeessss… great!!!

Great, indeed great!

Thank you guys :slight_smile: . Any suggestion is welcome too.

best addon for a looong time, thank you!

He Thanks mano-wii…Good idea like SketchUp!
COngratulations :smiley:

Very nice to see this! Thanks.


This is f-ing awesome! :smiley: Would be nice to have it mapped directly to a shortkey, instead of menu.

Really useful! Thank you for sharing!

The shortkey can be customized by the user. I personally would replace the extrude operator (shortkey E) by this new operator.

Hi Nano,

I have purchased snap utilities and is great… This is other awesome contribution. Trying it now!

Looks really nice! Hopefully you will keep bringing more of these Sketchup like functionalities into Blender.

Wow! This is great. I will purchase snap utilities if it will help to bring more useful utilities like this.

Ok, so being somewhat new to blender…how would one apply this thing to a shortcut key? I’m not seeing it as an option in the user preferences.

It’s a little like Qmesh.

Please do it :slight_smile: I think nobody will cry for only having the smart version.
Amazing job you do, just bought your blendermarket addon; I hope other do to help you develop more amazing stuffs :slight_smile:
By the way, you should put a link to your addons in your signature.

Really Great Work! thx

Awesome! It would be even more awesome with ability to cut holes through back faces and if it worked on multiple faces at one.