Extrude behaving strangely

Hi guys

I’m having problems getting extrude to work on more than one unconnected face at a time. Extrude along normals and extrude individual do the same thing - seem to extrude along the average of the normals - see example B in the pic. Should be like example A, which were done individually.

It was working correctly a couple of days ago - possibly I’ve messed up some unknown setting - blend file attached for someone to take a look-see:)

Also having some problems with getting insert to work consistently - sometimes it does, other times have to do E, S, G.Extrude.blend (641.1 KB) Extrude


Try this:

-Select all the faces you want to extrude.
-Press Key[E] for extrude and hit Escape (Extruded to zero).

  • Press ALT+S, release and press Key [S] and moves the mouse to extrude all sides.

This is a way to achieve what you want… i hope :thinking:

Otherwise, by going through the tool panel as you do > Extrude Individual . . . works correctly.

Thank you so much - works perfectly:)

Had another play with it and found that when attempting to extrude more than one face at a time, it reverts to “extrude region and move”, regardless of settings. So your solution is doubly welcome.

Is this a bug that needs to be reported?

For me, Extrude individual work correctky.
I’ve never encountered this type of error you describe. !! :thinking:

you can report, but if this “bug” is random… first check that you are applying correctly the way to execute the “Individual Extrude” action.


Not random - I uninstalled and deleted the Blender folder, downloaded and installed the very latest version today, and it behaves exactly the same - probably something on my machine!

So, I’ll report it