Extrude Bezier circle?

(fredws) #1

How can I extrude a Bezier circle? What I have done is create a cross section of a railroad rail, from a Bezier circle, and I now want to extrude it, to create the rail, but I have not figured out how to do it yet.


(Phrangkk) #2

add a bezier curve and shape it to be the length of the track

select your curvecircle and in the edit window (F9)
enter the name of the curve in the BevOb: field

that should get you started.

that doesn’t do what you want.
don’t try that.

wait for better advice.

(mthoenes) #3

In Edit buttons you can add extrusion to your bzier circle with the Ext1 value.
Ext2 adds bevel.


Convert your Bezier Circle to a mesh Alt-C and extrude.


Use a surface circle rather than a bezier circle. Surface circles can be extruded.

(fredws) #4

Alt-C did what I needed!