Extrude circular region

Help please! Why doesn’t this work?

I’m in Blender 2.48 trying to extrude+scale a circular region.


I take a cube, Subdiv to an approximate sphere.
Then I Alt-click twice to select a band around the sphere.

Now I hit ‘E’, Select Region, then ‘S’ to scale and drag out.

Instead of scaling along the regions normals. It seems to scale along some random

See attached 'result 'pic. Definitely not what I wanted.

If I don’t extrude, but just scale. I get what you’d expect (even scale around the sphere)



I’m not sure about 2.49 as I use 2.52 however, when you extrude and then try to scale it always seems to scale along X or Y axis. Even if it doesn’t always show the axis line, it might be going by that. Try doing the same thing you are doing now and when you go to scale, hit X or Y until you see that axis line, then hit it again to make it go away and you should be able to do an even scale.

Thanks mk676, that got it working. I saw the axis line, but as it didn’t appear to be right for X or Y, I
didn’t think to try cancelling it.

Thanks again.


After selecting the faces making up the ring, instead of extruding ‘region’ select extrude ‘individual faces’. Then scale as needed.

Hit E, select region, and hit ESC to abort. Then S to scale.