Extrude doesn't snap to Z Axis unless Magnet tool is selected

The extrude tool in 2.53 seems messed. Before when you pressed the (E Key) and then the (ZKey) the mesh would extrude only along the “Z” axis. You didn’t have to select the “magnet” tool first and the mesh would still only follow the z axis.

but in the new 2.53 Beta when you press the (E Key) and then the (ZKey) the mesh extrudes along all 3 axis (x, y z)

SO now you “have to select” the “Magnet” tool first if you want the mesh to extrude along the “Z” axis only. This is really an extra step now. Why did they change this?


Blender first suggest you extrude along the normal of the edge/face and when you press ‘z’ (or ‘x’ or ‘y’) it cancels this action. To extrude along the z-axis you need to press the ‘z’ key twice.