Extrude - Faces together

So I am trying to make a mesh donut shape. I am starting with a tube and tring to make it thicker. I can’t seem to find any settings in the mesh to give it an internal and external radius so I am trying extrude. If I extrude the faces I end up with spokes. I looked for a functionlike Maya’s ‘keep faces together’ but to no avail. I’m sure I could go thru, pick vertices and merge them or remove doubles pair by pair until I had what I wanted but there has to be an easier way. Any ideas? Thanks.

There’s a donut in the primitives menu Add >> Surface >> Donut. Convert it to mesh with Alt-C.

The Extrude Region will keep faces together. Extrude Region and cancel with Esc, then Alt-S will scale that extrusion along Face Normals.


Is one method better than another? I read somewhere that using Alt-S messes up the normals a little. How so? I just tried that method and it did exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

Hmmm, I tried alt-S and it almost worked but some vertices went in the wrong direction altogether. Some went inwards, some upwards, some downwards.

Andy D.