extrude from bezier curve/circle

i’m really new to blender and 3d-stuff, but i really tried to fix this problem on my own by reading every wiki- or help-page i could find - but no go. So please forgive me asking this dumb question here :wink:

Well, in some tutorials i’ve found one has to extrude a bezier curve or circle. But for me it doesn’t work.
I create the curve, close it with “c”, hit “e”, and select “extrude” in the popup-menu. But from then on, nothing happens - if i move the mouse or enter some values…nothing. And it doesn’t make a difference if i select all vertices or only one or…well, i tried but it doesn’t work.


Switch to the editing buttons (F9), increase the value Ext1 in the Curve and Surface panel.

You’re done.

wow, that was fast, ty!

Anyway, still no go :frowning:

Here some more info:
Blender version: 2.37a

  1. i start blender
  2. “x” “Erasee selected”
  3. “space” “add” “curve” “bezier curve”
  4. press “poly” in “curve tools”
  5. grab some vertices and rearrange them
  6. i hit “c” to close the curve
  7. “a” to select all vertices
  8. “e” “Extrude”
  9. move mouse or enter value or change "Ext1: "-value
  10. nothing happens.

maybe i have misconfigured something? But extruding works for other ojects with no problems…

Your problem is due to the fact that you closed the curve. Just open it with c and then you can extrude. Select a point and hit extrude. AFAIK it works only with one point at time.

dont you have to convert the curve to a mesh before you can extrude it?

ty, but what i wanted is to extrude the whole surface, not one point at a time. The way you described doesn’t help me much :wink:

that might be - but, by any chance, could you give me a hint about how to do that?

What i wanted to do is following this howto.

Correct! I just tried this and you do have to convert too a mesh. You can extrude a surface curve, though.

i figured out how to convert the curve to a mesh.
Thank you all for support!


Rock on! Hope your curve is… curvy.


And you did change back to object mode … NO! You don’t. So just do ist.

should i have changed to object-mode? I don’t understand “So just do ist.”
What does that mean?
(english is not my native language)



Wir könnten uns besser auf Deutsch unterhalten …

But this is an english forum.

  1. start blender
  2. “x” “Erasee selected”
  3. “space” “add” “curve” “bezier curve”
  4. press “poly” in “curve tools” (why do you do this?)
  5. grab some vertices and rearrange them
  6. i hit “c” to close the curve
    … enter value or change "Ext1: "-value
    … Tab
    … Voila

ah, ok, this way it works too. I never came to the idea that it would change but i can’t see it before i go into object mode :wink: