extrude help in blender 2.5

Okay, so I switched to blender 2.5 for the interface and options, and when I extrude, it doesn’t ask me what sort of extrusion I want. For example, how would I only extrude the edges? In blender 2.49 you used to be able to extrude and then it’d give you the different options. But in 2.5 it doesn’t even ask you. Any help? Thanks

just choose edges as the extrusion start, and it will only extrude edges, if you have verts selected, it will extrude verts, if you have faces selected, ETC

So basically the little button down below that tells you selection type, is also how you extrude.

Okay, thanks!

Alt+E gives you the options dependent on your selection

wow, I didnt know that one richard, thanks!