Extrude help

Hi, I’m have trouble extruding a part of a car model. I have the area around the window model in the body work. I want the extrude that edge equally to make the window seals. When I extrude the edge it is not equal, ive tried a few ways constrains etc but I can get it to work.

Can anyone help?


For support questions please ALWAYS supply a demo .blend file for review. It is extremely difficult to use our limited mind reading abilities to picture what you are talking about and to build in our imagination what your model looks like

so let me see if i got this right, you have a gap between the carbody and the window and with to seal the gap?
there are multiple ways to do so, and giving one over another is not ideal. if you could upload your blendfile then we will be happy to help you.

Hi, will try and upload.
Try imagine a deformed c shape and I want to extrude the in edge of the c equally.


like this? https://gyazo.com/d6f55ed62d110d608808878ca1800b08

Hi finalbarrage, not quite. Because it is an irregular shape around a car window that method does not give a even extrude.

I’d suggest to go to edit mode, select the vertice you want to extrude, create an Ngon with F, Use I to inset a face, and clean up the unecessary parts.

Okay, I will give that a try. Thanks

ohh i see, you want to go from a non-even shape to a half-sphere shape. then i would create a circle with the amount of verteses you want, delete half, position and use F to bridge it