extrude individual faces is off to an angle.

I have a cylinder.added several faces, selected them.
changed the pivot to local & Individual origins. Went to the mesh menu & selected Extrude Individual.
It works but off to an angle. I looked up the same issue in this forum but could not find the answer.
I also set location/rotation to 0, set the origin to geometry.
How can I solve this?

After extrusion, shrink/fatten (alt+S) works quite often in similar cases. You could also only move each face along their normal Z by switching to individual origins pivot (ctrl+period), switch transform orientation to normal (alt+space), and then G,Z,Z:

You could also try inset tool: i to inset, i again to inset individual, then move mouse cursor so that the inset thickness is 0, then press and hold ctrl and move mouse again.

thank you Ja12 will go try it out.

Ja12 thank you it worked. did have to start w/a new cylinder I think there was just something wonky w/the original. Thank you also for including the shortcuts code & screenshots.
Still have to do a lot of addy modeling and will do it a few more times so it sinks in.