is there a way i can create an ipo for a mesh that will extrude based on the IPO and then scale it as well?

i ask this because i want to create a tree and my first thought was use a BevObj on a curve but that won’t allow me to scale progressively to a tip but then again dupliframes doesn’t allow for extrude and the edit mode methods i don’t think have this feature either!? any information would be hlepful!

how do i use particle deflection and interaction?

i have messed around with them for sometime and i have gotten deflection pretty well but it does have some bugs such as the particles don’t deflect more than once and sometimes they don’t even work when i do it again the exact same way as before! help wanted!

i have tried everything on interaction and i would have used the search feature but i don’t have that much time to kill so if you could point me to some information on how to use interaction properly please do!

how do i animate static particles

i have the latest cvs build and it has new things such as hook and what not but there isn’t any information on how to use these new features and haven’t seen anything on static particle animation…any previous version tuts will work fine!

:o ya it is alot but i don’t ask often so please help me out a bit! :wink: