Extrude is broken...

for some reason when I try to extrude a face it behaves really weird. It seems as if it’s extruding around some point and is scaled at the same time. This is only the case for a single object. All the other objects are fine. What did I miss? What did I break? Which option did I activate without realizing it.

How do I fix it? Since I am not aware, which problem this is, I didn’t know what to search for, so excuse if this is a common topic.

Do you have a .blend file you can attach and show us the object in question?



its the main train object you basically can’t miss! :slight_smile:

Some faces work, some just completely mess up…


Turn off the Armature modifier (the eye icon in the modifier panel)

Oh god… It HAD to be that simple xD How could I not have seen it?!?

Thanks for the help…

EDIT: I also have another issue: When I add a mesh in edit mode many of my face normals mess up real bad, why is that the case?