Extrude like Maya's Local Translate Z

Is there a way to extrude like Maya’s feature, i run into a situation where extruding along face normals doesn’t give the desired result where in Maya it keeps the faces ince and even.
Yes i have checked “offset even” but it doesn’t do a good job either.

A test file with two examples.
Test.blend (869.1 KB)

Hi, you can try maybe like this:

If you apply scale with Ctrl+A first in Object mode it should work nearer to what you want

I just checked with your actual blend file (I’d made my own approximation above) and applying Scale does indeed solve it.

I’m just thinking that at least 75% of Blender problems seem to come down to either: Apply Scale, Remove Doubles or Recalculate Normals :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks,that helpd solve the issue a little bit even though i needed a few tweaks, but it was close enough .

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alt+S is scale along normal of the face so I guess it is exaclty what you are looking for.