Extrude - Multiple Copies (problem)

When I extrude in Blender. I get a “copy” of what I have selected for extruding. And so… its doubled. Here’s a screenshot, what is ciricled, is whats copied. But other than that, extruding works perfectly fine. (I just noticed this when I was rotating the mesh and found that I couldn’t select those vertices) :expressionless: I hope you can see that the line is abit bold in the screenshot… (may take a few seconds to load)

Can anyone help me fix this?


When you press “E” to extrude, are you moving the verts immediately? If not, then, yes, you can get duplicates. If not, then I have no clue what is happening. I have neven seen this happen before.

To get rid of them, just press “W” and select REMOVE DOUBLES from the list. Make sure you have either the verts you want this done to selected, or press “A” to select all verts before you do it.