extrude radially

(whiteduck) #1

I want to extrude radially from the base of a cut off UV sphere. I am making a bowler hat for a model. Is there a method for radial extrusion?
thanks to all

(NoeOM) #2

Try selecting the vertices you want to extrude, pressing ‘e’ for extruding and then ‘s’ for scaling…

Is that what you wanted?

(whiteduck) #3

oh yes thanks so much, now i can continue. have a good day and thanks again. WD

(callmeishmael) #4

Life gets even easier if you hit the Z key after E (constrains the extrusion to the Z axis) then left click after you extrude and finally hit the S key to scale and then Shift + Z which will constrain your scaling to the x-y axis.