Extrude resizing

Hi, new to blender and the site. I found blender when looking into making Items for The Sims 3 for the miss and let me say it was instant love. I’m still learning it as I go but I’m having a problem trying to extrude a face then having it scale down as I extrude. It’s letting me extrude and scale but it wont scale as I’m extruding so it’s not trying out right. Any ideas? I’m guessing I have a setting on/off that’s not right.

Thank you.

hmmm try turning on proportional editing, that might do a little bit of what your looking for, but you dont normally extrude with that, you just grab the edges or vertices you want and then it scales it proportionally to the whole mesh, or just a little peice of it.

But sadly, if your just trying to Scale and extrude at the exact same time, i dont beleive this is a feature that is available in blender…
although if it turns out im wrong, we both learn something!

Ohhh ok, I found out what I was doing wrong. I was trying to mimic the effect Oliver got in his How to edit objects (modelling) video {http://www.blendtuts.com/search/label/Blender} at 9:49. When he is doing it it looks like he is doing them at the same time so that’s what I was trying to do and was just coming up with 90’ angles. In fact was typing a reply to you when I thought of placing the extrude first then scaling it to get the slopes he got, so I’ll give you credit for the win :smiley: thank you.

well at least i was a little helpful, glad you figured it out :smiley: