extrude/ scale/ thicken?

im sure what im trying to do is quite simple but i just cant find/ figure out what is is im supposed to be doing.
basically i have a big 3D blob with holes in it. i suppose the idea is similar in some ways to a torus.
around this blob i want a structure (cage i suppose?) but im not sure how to do this.

here is an image:http://25.media.tumblr.com/60f1758ed777d4a9f120a4ac89342283/tumblr_mhpqmumFhK1r4okbho1_1280.jpg

i dont want to double skin the object though like in solidify, for the purposes of my project i need this to be a seperate object.
what i was doing before is duplicating the blob and scaling it up. but this isnt really what i need. i need for the scale to move further away from the object normals if that makes sense?

any help at all on this would be amazing since ive been trying to figure this out for a week and im getting nowhere :frowning:

You can use solidify, apply it and then separate the outer shell from the inner by selecting one or the other using the L-key, and then pressing P.

Edit mode, select all, Alt-s?

ok. alt s seems to be what im looking for but it goes from not scalled at all to so scalled that the whole thing is intersecting all over the place!
im going to try the other way. if im doing something wrong or theres more to the Alt-s method let me know though!

ok, the solidify and select method has worked for now :slight_smile:

Well, Alt-s can be used like s - topped with number you need. So on Alt-D duplicated mesh Alt-s 1.02 would be scaling just .02 outwards.
To increase scaling precision while using mouse, keep it as far as you can from object before hitting s or Alt-s

ah! thanks! ill try that next time :slight_smile: