Extrude script help

I am looking for an example of a script that extrudes a face or faces, preferably with good comments.

I am trying to create a script that will create spiral horns/shells (such as a unicorn, kudu, or bighorn sheep horns) using logarithmic (aka equiangular) spirals. The idea is to start with a defined face or faces, and extrude it/them into the spiral.

Can anyone help?

Can’t someone point me in the right direction? A tutorial or script that will show how to extrude faces?


You can already do this without a script, I believe. I remember seeing conch shell style models in the blender manual.


Have a look here:
Ths guy did a darn good job !

You can also have a look at this script if it still runs in latest version of Blender: Shell Factory.

Or you can maybe try the built-in array modifier, really simple to use.

this script does exactly what you want, however it works with Blender 2.42a & needs to be updated for 2.45. makes unicorn or ram horns.
ps Shell factory script returns serious errors in 2.45, it still works but is highly depreciated & risky to use.