extrude some faces along a (curve)path

I would like to extrude some faces of an object along a path (beziercurve, but could be any curve).
In the moment I worked arround by extruding a bit, adapting the faces to the curve (-normal/-tangent) and extruding again.
But is there a easy method, lets say, just selecting the face and the curve (or typing its name somewhere) and it is extruded (just selecting the steps…)?

Or does anyone know a script which achieves that?

A pic to show what I want: Selected faces should follow the curve (red arrow).


Is there is such a modeling method, it could be great, yes.
I never heard of anything like that though.

You could maybe separate the region to extrude, use dupliframe on the curve, then skin the shapes you get, and then convert to mesh and attach it again to the original mesh. Not simple…

Converting to mesh is AFAIK the only way to do it.

Don’t quite understand the response…“AFAIK”? Anyway, this is a feature that I would love to have as well as a deformation history on it to where later you could animate the curve to animate the extrusion. If that makes sense.

Basically, move the curve, move the extrusion until a “freeze” or other operation is performed where it no longer is effected.

As Far As I Know, sorry :]
And IIRC is If I Read Correctly.
It would be a great feature, and I’m no expert but it might just be possible.
Anyway, there is a thread where you can request features that haven’t been implemented.
It’s a sticky so search the forum, you’ll find it.

Edit: I should read more carefully

Hi, this is possible using the Curve modifier and vertex groups.

You have to extrude the region yourself by hand (just using E -> Region) and subdivide it appropriately; loop cut (Ctrl-R) can be useful for this. Once this is done, you can select the extruded part and assign it to a vertex group.

Now that you have the geometry you need, you can add a Curve modifier and enter the name of your Curve object and vertex group in the appropriate fields. Now you have to tweak the position of the curve object and the track axis of the object so that the axis of the curve which corresponds to the track axis of the object points along the centre of the extruded geometry (turning on Axis in the Curve object’s display settings can help with this).

There is a blend at http://members.optusnet.com.au/~bbatt/curve_tendril.blend which demonstrates what I mean.

This is the result I got with about 5 minutes of experimenting:

Hope this helps,

Had a play with your blend file artificer.

It’s good to know Blender can do this. I have always wondered about it. But it is not as flexible as Maya’s version where it is a straight command called ‘Extrude Along Path’.

This one it follows the path with a weight mechanism which is not gr8 if you wanted precision?

How do you mean? Weights give you greater control. If you want the vertices to follow the curve completely, you can set the weights to 1 (as I did here). If you want to blend the curve’s influence gradually, you can do that too.