Extrude Square along curve

I need to extrude a square along a mesh-curve (not to be confused with a path or orther non-mesh curve object) but can’t quite seem to get there.

I’ve tried dupliverting a bezier circle (with controlpoints vector’d to give a sharp edge) but can’t skin the result.

I’ve tried a nurb circle (which I CAN skin) but don’t know how to make a sharp edge on a nurb circle (i.e. make it look like a square, VKEY on the control point has no effect).

I’m pretty sure a Bezier Curve with the “square” Bezier circle would do the trick but my curve is made up of vertices. So is there any way to 1) convert my verts into a proper curve (Like maybe copy the vert locations to the control points of a Path object?) or 2) Make the nurb circle have square edges or 3) Skin Bezier object or 4) Something else entirely not already mentioned?

You need a real curve as in a nurbs object then a square created from a nurbs surface object. Just click the curve and put the curve square in the bevob blank. In other words you probably mean lofting which is not possible right now with meshes.

Make the nurb circle have square edges

If you put 3 control points of a nurbs curve on top of on another you get a sharp break edge. So create a nurbs curve ie: add->surface->nurbs curve
Then extrude one end point of the curve repeatedly until you have 12 verts total. Press “c” to close the curve.

Place cursor at the first corner of your square (perhaps using cursor to grid) then select the first 3 control points and do a shit s -> selection to cursor

Repeat for the other 3 corners and you have a nurbs square that you can skin.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the tips guys! Now that I know how to get a “square NURB” I’m good to go.

Shift_a > Surface > NURBs Circle
Select the 4 “corner” control nodes
Press F9
In the ‘Curve Tools’ panel, adjust ‘Weight’ to 100, and press the ‘Set Weight’ button.

Also, maybe check IAmInnocent’s web site for more information:


Or you can click the poly button in the edit buttons which will give you sharp corners

With so many different ways to get a square shape with NURBS, I’m almost embarassed that I didn’t at least stumble upon one of them.

Thanks for the additional info everyone.