Extrude to a pinpoint?


Hi all,

I’m newish to the blender 3d environment, and was wondering if anyone could point me to a tutorial that takes text and extrudes the 3d part of that text to a pinpoint within the 3d space. I’d also like to option to move the pinpoint, whilst keeping the 2d text fixed.

I just don’t know what to search for.

I’m sure this is really easy, if you know how.


  1. Add a text object

  2. convert to mesh

  3. extrude

  4. delete unwanted faces

  5. scale verts to 0 ,add vertex group

  6. add modifier Hook, and select yr empty and vertex group.

  7. Profit.

Hope that helps.

Or use geonodes, and make yourself a tool to do it ‘auto-magically’?

2dtext.7z (401.9 KB)

Have a file to look at.

Maybe use a lattice?