Extrude to sequential shapes

On the tutorial it says: “[NOTE: you must create all stacked boxes in sequence, or you won’t get the nodes you require. Don’t just stretch one box all the way.]”, however every time i try to do this it onlys ways stretches parts of the cube then extruding another cube seperately.

here is what i get this:


when it should be this:


can someone help me, i will appreciate it


Your results look right except the top cube is stretched and two cubes should be there, use the loopcut tool on it to cut it in half.

when i do that it just rotates the cube using ctrl + r

There are two ways to do this 1) E to extrude, and Z(X or Y) to constrain it to an axis, LMB to place the extrusion. Repeat that for however many segments you need. 2) Line your object up so that your extrusion will go away from you (into the monitor), in F9, Mesh Tools set the number of Steps (under Spin) to the number of NEW sections you want to extrude, the distance in Blender Units you want each to be from the other with OffSet then click ExtrudeDup.