extrude two faces on the precise length

how to extrude two faces on the precise length?

I have a cube 55.6 (X) 11 (Y) 2 (Z), need to extrude two symmetrical faces (2x11) in the opposite direction to 0.3 simultaneously.

I selected two faces,
pressed S, X:

  • Manually precise to 0.3 do not successful;
  • At random I found that you can enter 1.0108, but also not exactly = 30,024.

what may be possible?

Select the two faces and Alt+E / Individual Faces, 0.3. This will extrude those faces by 0.3 units

Ensure that your objects scale is 1 before modelling. If you scaled your object in object mode rather than edit mode to give your base object you’ll need to clear the object scale with Ctrl+A / Scale

ohh, it’s great help!))
Ctrl+A / Scale, then Alt+E / Individual Faces, 0.3
and WIN))
Thank you, very ably)