Extrude vert in one plane

I am tracing an imported photo dot by dot. The photo is on the XY axis at the 0 Z position. I am pressing E for extrude then shift Z to keep the new vert at 0 on the Z axis and trace a new line that has the same z value as the original.

Is there an easier way to trace the photo keeping the verts all at the 0 Z position?

Thanks so much!

If you’re in orthographic mode, aligned so the picture and view plane is parallel (numpad 1 or 3 iirc), all your vertices should end up at z=0.

Top orthographic view 7 on the numpad. As long as you started with the vert on zero (created it with the 3D cursor centered to the world), everything extruded from there will be 0 on the Z axis without needing to use constraints.

Also it’s easier to use ctrl + left mouse button if you’re doing tracing work, simple select a vertex and then ctrl + LMB where you want the new one and it will create it with edge joining them.