Extrudes SVG file not shown in render

Hello altogether,

sorry, I am totally new to blender, but actually have a few experiences with Cinema4D. As all my computers only have Linux, I’d love to move to blender to benefit from the much better hardware.

I’m now trying to rebuild some simple scenes for the purpose of learning.

My first one is a simple extrusion of a svg file. I added some bevel to have it look smooth. And it looks nice in the editor perspective. Unfortunately it does not appear in the render view, even though I put a basic cube “into” it to see if I’m wrong with camera or lightning. The cube is rendered correctly.

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you in advance

PS Omg, it’s so frustrating to relearn a software right from the start knowing to have a programme just next to one which has done it’s job well for so many years :frowning:

The first thing I’d check is in the outliner window. Check that the object is set to renderable. If the camera icon to the right of the object is greyed out mouse click on it to turn it on.

If that doesn’t help upload your blend file to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and come back with the link address

hey, that was quick.

This is my scene: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/14417

The little cube is just to verify the correct setting of the light and camera.
“Curve” and “Mesh” are set visible in editor and render.

I used this tutorial to get it so far: http://bankerjohnson.co.uk/blog/3d-logo-design-from-svg-to-3d/.

Thank you!

Edit: Uhm, cannot post links?

In the properties window under the Object / Duplication settings, change it from Group to None. You have set the object to show as a group but you don’t have a group selected so there is nothing for it to show.


thank you! it works!

Do you have a clou why “duplication” was set incorrectly? Is it default, or was it my fault?