Extruding a circle to make a ledge.


I’m trying to follow the attached tutorial page from BlenderBasics using V2.49B.
I got as far as making the small walkway and got stuck.The tutorial is asking me to extrude the circle by pressing E and then S It seems to be asking me to increase the diameter of the circle,extrude upwards and then decrease the circle diameter, but I don’t know how to do this using the commands described.
Can someone give me a clue so I can move along with this tutorial.



well, its exactly that:
You select the desired points, press E key , choose “only edges”, new vertices/edges/faces will appear, then press immediately S key to scale the selection/extrusion ( move mouse).

>choose “only edges”, new vertices/edges/faces will appear,

Actually when you press E new vertices or edges or faces get created. But, you don’t see this added geometry until you drag the mouse. If you hit Esc key at this point, before moving the mouse, you get out of Extrude mode. But all those new geometry are still there. By hitting S, Scale, you can scale those elements out away from elements that you used to create it.