Extruding along a curvature

(Milo Rogers) #1

Hey guys, I have here a 1/10 of a circle that I cut out, I want a recessed region in it, but I don’t know how to extrude the selection along the axis of the degree angle, I can free extrude, or extrude along the 3 axis, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

(pauljs75_) #2

You could use the 3D cursor to set a centerpoint, set the pivot mode to the 3D cursor, and then while extrude is active press R and then pick the axis to constrain rotation around. Enter or left click to accept. And you can tap shift-R after that to repeat the last increment step.

And for this kind of thing, it probably doesn’t hurt to have an empty or a vertex to mark the center of revolution, just to have a reference for snapping the 3D cursor to.


You can do each edge individually and double tap Z (wth one vertex overlap on the horizontal edges to define the normal angle) and then merge them together afterwards


But offtopic, I think maybe you should look into using the curve modifier to make this. It would make things easier. Assuming its part of a dome. Then you can treat everything as if it was flat

(ajm) #4

You could grid fill with faces and then choose Alt-e to extrude faces along normals, that way it will preserve the curvature.

(Milo Rogers) #5

Thanks this is what I was looking for.

(ajm) #6

Glad to be of some help.