Extruding along a path object

I am using an array modifier in conjunction with a curve modifier to extrude a complex shape along a path object. My problem is that the at the beginning and end of the path the mesh gets higher resolution, which is a problem for me. I think this is because if the path was used in an animation, the movement across the path would be interpolated to ease the movement in and out. Is it possible to take a path object and make its… “influence” (I’m not sure if that’s the right word) constant along the length of the curve?

You probably won’t like this since it doesn’t seem you can convert between the types of curves, but what you want to do is use a Bezier Curve rather than a Path. Path does seem to have that built-in “easing” since it’s often used for camera pathing, though I think it should be modifiable since not all camera moves should be eased. I couldn’t find any controls to modify it, at least.

Bezier Curves are very similar to Paths – just be sure to enable the “3D” option in the Edit Mode options panel so the control points are not constrained to moving in a plane – but the resultant Array doesn’t exhibit the resolution change over the length of the curve, all nice and even.

Try this…

Speed is the parameter your trying to edit I think.

When in blender, change the workspace to the animation workspace (center top of screen), select a path, go to the IPO window, and select PATH type ipo. I think “Speed” should be the only keyframe option.


Cool, thanks for the tip, I’ll try it. Although I think a good option would be to set the Speed to either Ease or Constant (no easing) in the Curves menu rather than going in and creating an IPO to actually correct for the easing. The IPO may compensate approximately but it may be hard to get it to be exact, the way Bezier Curves are, so the extrusions segments may not be as evenly spaced along its length.

I think the IPO is already generated with the Path- but certainly, an automatic option would be nice. Yeah, there is Constant, Linear and Bezier under Interpolation Mode.

Although to get your own custom “speed” or division spacing, you would have to do some tweaking.

—but yeah,


looks like the Speed IPO will adjust the thing. Cool Concept that I hadn’t thought of array—>curve modifier.

Do you, just apply the modifiers in sequence or do you use some sort of coding?

Is it possible to take a path object and make its… “influence” (I’m not sure if that’s the right word) constant along the length of the curve?

So… Just to be clear. Looks like you;

select your path curve, go over to the animation layout, Go to the PATH* IPO type
, enter edit mode with the curve selected, select a key frame and and select the interpolation mode you wish.

— a5’

I guess the Linear option is the way to go, then, for constant spacing along the path. Interesting how tweaking the Path’s Speed IPO affects the Array elements, could be a useful way to get certain kinds of non-uniform extrusion.

Yeah, seems pretty neat.