Extruding along a path

Hi ,

Sorry for the stupid question, but I can’t find the solution anywhere . All I want to do is to extrude a closed path that I imported from a .svg file , in other words a curve , along a circle .

The manual talks about a “Curve and Surface” menu that I can’t find anywhere . I’m thinking because the manual is v.2.4 and I’m using v.2.63a .

I thought it was going to be a simple matter but now I’m completely frustrated. All my processes gradually slowed down until they stopped and now I only want to throw this caca to the trash and go do something else.

Unfortunately I can’t do that.


Set one curve to be the Bevel Object of the other


extrude.blend (176 KB)

Thanks Richard,

All I want to do is like a flat torus.

When I assign the circle as the bevel object I get this:

Your circle shouldn’t be the bevel object, that is the curve you want to follow and the flat shape would be the bevel object provided it is a curve as well.

Also make sure the origins are in the same location for both objects.

You can also make the same object by using the spin tool.

Thanks for your answer ajm.

I have aligned the objects (same origin location),

but I’m still getting this:

Ah , The Spin Tool was what I was really looking for .

Thanks again !

Is there another way to access the “Editing Context” besides de F9 key?

(my F’s keys don’t work)

You would mean the F6 key I believe, but yes you can find it at the bottom of the tools menu.

Thank you!