extruding and scaling around the cursor

hi guys im trying to make the head of the creature factory thing.
im at 00:19:13 of the video headbody time. and i have a problem with extrude and scale around the cursor the circe at the top .
the pivot is on 3d , im pressing the E and when im pressing the S the verts only scaling and not extruding! im noob i know but im not stupid. im trying one day to see whats the problem but i dont know…:confused:

does anyone know please? ill be very thankfull :slight_smile:

When you press E and then S, it creates a new set of verts then scales them out. The vertices are no longer in the original grab mode, but scale. If you want to move them, press G, or leave out S altogether.

I haven’t got the DVD but it sounds like you want to left click after hitting E, then hit S and you’ll be scaling your extruded verts.