extruding/ changing shapes- noob

Hi I understand how to extrude a shape (using shift e and extrude) however see on some of the videos of people shaping models in blender that they can extrude and change the shapes of the shapes instead of just extruding a shape like a cylinder from another cylinder. Like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-91hhbVo6lQ. How do you do this?

To size the cylinder you need to use hotkey “S”. Select the verts you want to resize, hit S and move the mouse till the size fits your need. You can resize in the x, y or z direction by hitting e.g. S X and you’ll resize in the x-direction and so on.
To move the verts once you’ve resized them, you use the Grab-function. Select the verts you want to move, grab the verts (hotkey G) and move them in any direction or along an axis by entering x, y or z.

Hope this helps you out some.



Talking about restricting the saclation or movment on particular a particular axis, don´t forget that by pressing SHIFT+Z, i.e., you can resize/move the objects or verts on Y and X, but not Z itself.

Same for SHIFT+Y y SHIFT+X of course

Which keys do you use for the hot key and grab funtion?