Extruding complicated illustrator logo

I have been trying to extrude this logo,
it is an illustrator file, with lots of layers of blackand white overlays,
i can’t import it into blender like this, anyone have a tip in a way i could flatten all these paths down to 1 path although that might not bee possible, but less paths preferably

I want t use it to extrude use the white paths to extrude a glass like logo or so, maybe have fluid drop into it, not quite sure yet, i just can’t get te entire logo flattened right, what comes in blender is jibberish :slight_smile:

try downloading a trial version of gentledraw. should do the trick. you just load a black and white image, and it spits out a mesh.

tried that, it says the image is too complex for a mesh :slight_smile: lol
maybe i should cut it up in smaller pieces

you could load it into inkscape as a black and white image file, convert it to a single vector curve, and export it to blender, which i am pretty sure imports inkscape format. once in blender, you could apply depth and bevel or convert it to a mesh.

you need to use the Direct Selection tool on each curve element and join with your pathfinder tool in pairs til you get the whole thing as one. If you still have issues, it could be that you first need to select all the objects and go to Object>Expand Appearance and say yes to strokes and fills.

edit: my bad, I thought you were using Illustrator. IN teh case you are not, you could load it as an image like Modron said and convert to svg paths, and that should import easily as long as you turn on the import addon in user prefs.

Yes, if you could get that into an SVG file, Blender could import it as paths or maybe a single path. Perhaps Illustrator has a tool to convert an image into paths (livetrace, I think?) then you could export those paths as SVG for correction or import into Blender. If I had Illustrator, I’d try it out right now, but this little laptop isn’t powerful enough for it. Didn’t know about Inkscape’s convert tool. Thanks for the tip, Modron.

Download inkscape there is a trace program idk how well it works but you can try or trace it with the pen. Then export the design as a svg file. Add the svg plug in for blender. Know you have to 2 options if you color fill the drawing in inkscape once imported it will be colored and with faces but you might not like this, its unpredictable but you can extrude for simple 3D. Option 2 don’t fill with color just use curve pen and the import will be a curve. 3rd option once in blender you can convert the curve to a mesh Ctrl Alt C .

great idea! I saved it with ilustrator reimported it and traced, never thought of doing it that way
so simple

i got an extrusion with a wild amount of tris, and applied the remesh thing,
now experymenting with flythroughs of the open spaces resulting in a smooth camera zoom out
fun fun fun!


I’ve been following your thread becos I have this same problem and am very new to Blender. I have a simpler logo, already converted to SVG file in Illustrator, but when imported into Blender doesn’t show. What am I doing wrong?

femooh, did you try to zoom in? It’s probably so tiny you can’t see it. Check the Outliner window first to be sure there’s one or more new curve objects :slight_smile: