Extruding curve and editing non destructively

How would the following be possible using Blender? The example image is from Cinema 4D where this is easy. The shape is made with one spline of which two instances are made and set as children for the extrude modifier.

I have a curve, which is extruded into two different parts. The two parts are mainly needed because I need to different textures for the different surfaces (“Top” and “Side” in the example).

I tried to use the curve’s bevel/extrude options in Blender and can get about this shape, while still maintaining the object as a curve (ie. not transforming to mesh). But how can I apply different textures to the different sides?

The main point of this exercise is to keep the curve editable, so that the extrusions follow the editing (if I convert to a mesh I can’t easily change the shape of the curve for the surfaces afterwards).

Unfortunately Blender is not so advanced in terms of how it handles curves. It can only do simple curve editing or extrude by normals (as ribbons). You might bake the curves into a mesh (convert to mesh). And then once you go to edit mode, select two edges and link them together.

This C4D technique reminds me of some sort of patch based modeling, isn’t it something like this?

Linking the edges together might help. But I don’t know how to edit (easily at least) like a bezier curve when it has been converted to mesh. For example adding more curves to the “plane” or editing the existing ones (move the peaks up/down for example so that the neighboring peaks follo like when modifying a bezier curve)

Hi Front_Line,

you can do that with the curve tools.

The “Update Auto Loft” works a little hooky.
After you have pressed it, move the mouse over the active spline point.

The Curve Tools can only loft two splines.
You’re gonna have to do a little tricking.